AGROEFEKT Computer Program

Agroefekt is a computer program for modelling production technologies of private farms, developed at the Department of Breeding and Production of Special Crops of the IUNG by Andrzej S. Zaliwski, Tadeusz Zaorski and Jacek Hołaj between 1988 and 1995. With the aid of the program useful information can be derived about the farm like direct costs (costs of labour, tractors, machinery and materials), revenue and direct income of the farm as well as the expected labour input of the farmer.
Fig.1. Agroefekt program: model generation
First a model of the farm is built (fig.1) on the basis of the cropping plan of the farm (which may be real or invented). The model consists of operation sheets that describe all the operations pertaining to the crops grown on the farm in terms of the layout of human labour, machinery and tractor working hours in tillage, fertilization, plant protection, harvest, transportation etc. Databases comprising prices and operation data of tractors and implements as well as the prices of materials valid for the given calendar year are also used by the model. The economic analysis provides the following information:
Other detailed analyses may also be performed, for instance breaking down of results into a number of agrotechnical periods or periods of arbitrary length. The scope of economic analysis may extend to the farm or one field or a group of selected fields.
The program provides ready-to-use tables which only need to be filled in with the data required. The results are output in the DBF format.
Agroefekt is a relatively universal and flexible tool. In order to take advantage of its possibilities it is necessary to have numerous data sets on the technologies (operation sheets), current prices of materials and exploitation data of machinery, tractors etc.
The procedures of economic analysis used in the program were based on available literature sources, such as:
The Agroefekt program was used for economic analysis of agricultural production technologies in the following publications (incomplete list):
With the Agroefekt program technology models and technological-economic data have been prepared for the use of the following, among others, applications and systems:
Written by Andrzej S. Zaliwski
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