Spatial Information System on Agricultural Resources in Poland
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Objectives and the scope of work
The objective of the statutory research projects conducted between 1994-2000 was to build an information system on agricultural resources in Poland comprising among others:
The System was meant to be a tool for supporting decision-making from national perspective which could aid e.g. in:
Means and Activities
The following departments of the Institute were taking part, to a varied degree, in the making of the system:
The system was built on the basis of the Arc/Info 7.0 for UNIX package which was meant to be the main transfer tool and analytical engine. For simple analytical tasks and graphic presentation of results the MapInfo program and ArcView 3.0 modular set running under Windows NT 4.0 were used. The scale of 1:500,000 was assumed to be the basic scale for the system. For more accurate analyses of regions of greater importance the scale of 1:100,000 was adopted. One of the first tasks attained was the digitalisation of the soil agricultural map of the Suchowola commune. Also digital maps of pollution of soils with heavy metals were created. Algorithms describing spatial distribution of elements of agroclimate were constructed which enabled development of the air-temperature and precipitation components of the model of agroclimate (data and applications) and creation of digital maps of air temperature and sum of precipitation. The Information System on Segetal Weed Distribution was deployed and the Atlas "Weed Distribution in Agricultural Crops" was developed.
The Spatial Information System on Agricultural Resources in Poland made possible not only presentation of selected information but also simple spatial analyses. It was hoped that it would incorporate also other data (environmental, economic etc.) and would be used for non-standard analyses both spatial and statistical in nature as well as modelling of processes of environmental, economic etc. character. Some of the tasks attained in the statutory projects were then further developed within the "Integrated Spatial Information System for Agricultural Production in Poland (ISISAP)" PBZ 17-08 comissioned project.

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